Sewer Lateral Inspections in Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande – We’re Just a Phone Call Away

Sewer line inspections are one of the less-fun aspects of home ownership, but they are definitely necessary! Whether you are looking to buy a new home or have lived here for years, we can get your sewer lateral inspected and make sure you’re protected from any nasty sewer surprises.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs all flow into the sewer lateral, which connect to the city’s sewer main. (In SLO County, this is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.) Typically, water flows nicely out of your home and into the sewer lateral, and all is well. But sometimes those pipes fail or become clogged—and that’s why we’re here to help.

And if you have root intrusion or a blockage in the sewer lateral we have the equipment to clear it for you.

A Sewer Scope Inspection Takes The Guesswork Out of Pipeline Problems

Because we use a sewage camera for pipe inspections, we can quickly determine the cause and location of any sewer dilemma. Our special camera, known as a sewer scope, goes directly into your sewer line, identifying any current problems and alerting you to other potential concerns. Sewer line inspections will save you time and money, and can spare your yard from unnecessary digging.

Five Household Products That Go in the Trash Can, Not Down the Toilet or Garbage Disposal

(SPOILER ALERT: If it’s not bodily waste or toilet paper, it shouldn’t go down the toilet.)

Sometimes foreign objects travel through your household pipes and clog the sewer lines. We’ve all heard stories of children flushing toys, but sometimes adults will dispose of detrimental things, too. Here are five clog culprits we hope you will put in the trash, and not down the toilet or garbage disposal:

1) Feminine hygiene products – Wrap them, toss them. Please don’t flush them!

2) “Flushable” wipes or cosmetic towelettes – Just because the package says “safe to flush,” doesn’t mean these products are safe for your sewer. They do not disintegrate like toilet paper and have clogged sewer lines many, many times.

3) Dental floss – It seems small and unnoticeable, until it knots and tangles and traps waste that should be passing through the pipes safely. Floss, then toss—into the trash can!

4) Eggshells, fruit peels, starchy foods – Yes, they will fit down the garbage disposal. No, they do not dissolve quickly and can easily create blockages in the pipes.

5) Grease, cooking oils, or fats – When warm greasy products travel down cold pipes, it congeals and turns into a thick, solid clump in the sewer lines. Please dispose of oils or greasy waste into a container, then toss after it has cooled or congealed. (Do not pour hot grease or cooking oils straight into the trash, as doing so could melt the plastic trash bag and create a big, slippery mess.)

If you suspect you have a sewer line clogged, call us today!

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