Randy and his Sewer-Oscopy West work truckSewer Line Video Inspection Basics and Results

What is a Sewer Video Inspection?

A process where we run a video line through your waster line. The video might extend down your branch lines (the pipes that lead from bathtubs and faucets to the home's sewer line) or down the home's sewer line (the larger pipe that leads from the house to the municipal sewer line on the street, or septic tank). If you have root intrusion or a blockage in the sewer lateral we have the equipment to clear it for you.

What Will You See in the Video?

If you are doing an entire sewer line video inspection, you will see a "walk-through," leading from the trap, down through the sewer line, and up to any obstructions. If the camera can push through the blockage, it may continue through to the municipal line.

How Does the Camera Help You Locate Where to Dig?

The camera unit has a transmitter. We will stop the camera at the blockage point. Then from ground level we'll wave a locating device until it picks up the transmission signal. This allows us to mark a spot at the exact point of blockage.

Other Services

Hydro Jetting
Hydro jetting is a powerful and efficient way to clear out clogged drains and pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure streams of water to blast away debris and buildup, leaving behind a clear and clean pipe system. Hydro jetting is much more powerful than traditional snaking and can clear out even the most stubborn clogs. Additionally, hydro jetting can help to prevent future clogs and backups by removing debris and buildup from the entire pipe system. Click here to read more.

So we can not only locate any blockage in your system but can also clear most blockages!

From Three of Our Delighted Clients

"Randy is a total pro. I so appreciate the quick call back and service. He was able to walk me through the whole process and I was up and running the same day. "
-Jared S. Paso Robles, CA

"Randy was a great communicator, punctual and very nice. I would recommend him to anyone!"
- Todd C. Los Osos, CA

"Randy was awesome I called him that morning he was here the same morning fix my problems and everything's been great since I'd recommend him to anybody and I will definitely use him again."
Kaye C. Arroyo Grande, CA

"Randy was so responsive, and he seemed very knowledgeable. He was able to come the same day (I had company so this was a blessing). I wanted to not only have the clog in my kitchen pipes cleared but I also was looking for someone to help find out why this keeps happening. He mentioned when we spoke that he had a camera for a small extra charge that he may put in the pipes to see if something bigger was happening. I thought that was great technology to have access to. After he saw our house set-up, he felt that the camera was not necessary and didn't want to have me pay for something I didn't need and I appreciated that very much. He did give me a couple of suggestions of things to do to keep the water and gunk from backing up (possibly more downward angle for better water flow, simple fix for us to do), and the use of a drain cleaner that is safe for septic. Randy was a very nice and sincere man and a pleasure to have help me with our issue."
Margie S. Atascadero, CA

"They are very responsive, kind, prompt and reasonably priced."
Leah P.