Sewer-Oscopy West LLC is proud to provide sewer lateral inspections in SLO!

If your home is part of the SLO city sewer system, any wastewater from your indoor plumbing flows outside into a private sewer lateral. The sewer lateral connects your house to the city’s sewer main lines. As the property owner, you are responsible for the maintenance of these underground pipes. Our special sewer scopes can help you find the cause and location of any problems in your sewer lines.

Have root intrusion or a blockage in the sewer lateral? We have the equipment to clear it.

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Is Your Sewer Line Clogged, Leaking, or Deteriorating?

A sewer line inspection in SLO can determine if you have:

1) Old pipework – Older sewer pipes made from outdated materials (i.e., cast-iron, Orangeburg, clay, etc.) may need to be replaced. Please call us today to schedule a sewer lateral inspection.

2) Rocks or roots – Nearby trees may have deep roots growing too close, threatening to crack pipes and cause damage to the sewer line. Any previous excavation near your lines may have also allowed rocks into the sewer.

3) Blockage or buildup – Flushable wipes are not flushable; those accumulate and will clog the sewer lines. Pouring fats and cooking oils down the kitchen sink will also cause greasy build-up in the pipes (soft blockages). A clogged sewer line may cause wastewater to flow back into your household drains—and that’s a surprise no one wants to find!

Sewer Line Inspections Are Affordable with Sewer Oscopy West. Unexpected Sewer Repairs Can Be Costly

Thanks to our sewer scope technology, we can show you what’s going on underground quickly and clearly. This high-definition tour of your sewer system will alert you to pending problems you may be able to fix easily, now—instead of expensively, later.

Routine sewer inspections are recommended, especially if you have multiple people living in your home.

(More people=more flushing=more potential problems)

Selling in SLO? We Can Help!

If you plan on selling your home in San Luis Obispo, you are required to provide proof of a recent sewer lateral inspection, per a municipal code made effective on January 1, 2020. Our sewer scope inspections satisfy the requirements under the “closed circuit television (CCTV) sewer main inspection” option. More information can be found on the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code website here.

San Luis Obispo Sewer Lateral Program

The San Luis Obispo Sewer Lateral Program offers rebates for replacing certain sewer laterals. SLO has had problems with rainwater and groundwater entering the sewer system, especially due to leaks and cracks in sewer laterals, which can contribute to wastewater spills. The city is looking to optimize the quality and durability of private sewer lines. Contact us to schedule your sewer lateral inspection, then click here to see if you qualify for this rebate program!

From the SLO Website:

"Who are rebates available to? The Private Sewer Lateral Program provides rebates to single-family residential property owners to defray a portion of the costs in replacing their private sewer lateral. The rebate for any one sewer lateral replacement is a maximum of $2,000 (up to 50 percent of the cost); $3,000 (up to 50 percent of the cost) is offered in capacity constrained areas of the City."

Invest in Tomorrow by Inspecting Today!

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Sewer Lateral Inspections in San Luis Obispo