Our Sewer Line Inspection Services

Since most sewer lines are underground and out of sight, potential problems are also hidden.

Sewer-Oscopy West LLC specializes in video sewer line inspection enabling us to pin-point the location of your clogged problem area. Inspections of the lateral sewer line can identify any issues so they can be addressed and mitigated before any problems occur. Because we specialize in sewer line inspections; we have the best tools and cameras for quick and accurate findings. Our technician will evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution. So call today to schedule a sewer line video inspection to evaluate your sewer and drain lines. (805) 769-6550 / seweroscopywest@gmail.com

Have root intrusion or a blockage in the sewer lateral? We have the equipment to clear it.

A sewer scope is a camera on a long cable that is sent through the sewer lateral providing a live view of the condition of the pipe along with a video recording of the process. You will be able to see a ‘walk-through video’ of your sewer line and see any obstructions. Our camera unit has a transmitter and our video technician will be able to stop the camera at the exact blockage point. We will then mark the point of blockage and approximate depth with spray paint so you will know exactly where your problem is located.

Why schedule a sewer scope before buying a new home?

Sewer line repair can be expensive!

Connecting a home to the main sewer line is the responsibility of the homeowner and the cost of a sewer line repair can be expensive! Costs increase substantially if a driveway, sidewalk or even landscaping must be replaced to do the repairs. In older homes we find issues with roots or the natural deterioration of the sewer pipes. Newer homes sometimes have problems with a sewer line that wasn’t back filled properly then crushed with heavy equipment. We can save you money and time delays by making you aware of any problems before your purchase. Some unseen problems can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. A broken or collapsed pipe and blockage from tree or plant roots can result in a very difficult situation. Every home buyer should have a sewer scope inspection to avoid the cost and inconvenience of finding the problems after the purchase.

Fast Sewer Scope Inspections

When can you have a sewer line inspection performed?

Since we focus on sewer line inspections in the Paso Robles & Atascadero area we can respond quickly to your needs and emergency situations.

Cost of Sewer Scope Inspections

Our method of inspecting sewer lines is the most cost-effective technology available and will save you from expensive backhoe fees. For the small cost of an inspection fee you could avoid the cost and inconvenience of digging up your yard. We specialize in sewer line inspections for homes and businesses, and we use state of the art equipment to get you flowing again fast! So call today to schedule a sewer line video inspection to evaluate your sewer and drain lines. (805) 769-6550 / seweroscopywest@gmail.com

Need a Sewer line Inspection in Paso Robles or Atascadero

Clogged line or backup somewhere in your sewer lateral?

With our state-of-the-art sewer scope utilizing the latest technology Sewer-Oscopy West LLC can do a sewer line inspection quickly locating the problem area for you. Most lateral sewer lines or septic lines need periodic attention due to normal wear and damage from various sources. Tree and plant roots can cause intrusions, but they can also cause sewer line breaks. Increased occupancy can also cause more usage of the sewer system revealing existing problems.


Certified in: Pipeline Assessment, Lateral Assessment, Manhole Assessment

Contact us today for a quote to get your sewer system back on track and working efficiently. Professional, affordable, and friendly service when you need it most.

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